We are glad to announce the publication of the new book written by our collaborator Jorge Jordán: Getting Started with SpriteKit.

This book is the perfect way of start learning how to easily create amazing 2D games with Sprite Kit and Swift, but also you will learn how you can take advantage of Apple’s game engine to highlight your apps.

Its pages teach how to create a beautiful game ready to be published on the App Store, which includes sprite creation and movement, collision detection, running animations, adding labels and life bars to the screen, or implementing the parallax effect.

On the most advanced chapters you will find how to create an initial screen and how to make a transition to the game screen, how to play music and effect sounds, create particle systems, lights and shaders and how to add a tutorial to your game.

In summary, a wonderful book with all you need to make real your own dreams!

One last thing! You can now take advantage of a 50% discount now available 13th April 2016 until 30th April 2016 by clicking on the below image, using the Spritekit50 code or following this link.

Getting Started with SpriteKit discount