Past 19th and 20th of February took place the second edition of the Romanian Mobile Operating Systems Conference, also known as MobOS, in the beautiful city of Cluj Napoca (Romania).


It was two days full of interesting talks and workshops subdivided in iOS and Android tracks in which I proudly participate as a speaker together with other nine amazing professionals.

The first day had five presentations per track and I made an overview of Apple’s game development’s frameworks (Sprite Kit and Scene Kit) comparing them with the omnipotent Unity3d.

The following day I addressed one of the two workshops where I showed how to migrate a game from Objective-C to Swift. This way the attendees learnt two things at the same time: how to develop a game with Sprite Kit and how to translate a code written in Objective-C to Swift.


Apart of that knowledge sharing, the organisers of the conference had planned some surprises in the form of amazing giveaways such as an iPod, some wearables and a copy of my book: Cocos2d Game Development Blueprints.

The conference was an absolute success with more than 200 participants, exceeding the initial expectations, and I’m sure MobOS is going to be (if not already) one of the most important conferences on the eastern Europe.

I cannot do other than thank the people from the organisation for making me feel at home, for making real such an amazing event and for giving me the opportunity of trying the papanasi, a typical Romanian dessert :).