So far we have being telling you about the potential offer by Cocos2D-X but we haven’t shown you any of the games developed with it. That’s why today we want to introduce you two of these games, free and available on both iOS and Android: Line Rangers and Find Something.

Line Rangers is a tower defense game in which the characters of the instant messaging app Line will help us to defend our tower and fight the enemies until rescuing Sally,who has been kidnapped.

At the beginning the game is very easy but as we approach to the Mysterious Forest, we will need to think very carefully which characters include in our team and in which order we bring up them to the battlefield, our success depends on it! It’s possible that we will need to upgrade our little soldiers level by fussing between them (do you remember Dragon Ball Z?) or training them in easier fights in order to improve their strength
and power.

Line Rangers is a classic free to play, you will be able to without spending any money but you will need a lot of patience, or by investing a little money to get gold coins and gems to buy updates and power up your army. I must recognize that I’m a little addicted to this game, I don’t know if due to its amazing visual effects, the sounds, or because I want to collect all the characters.

On the other hand, Find Something is a game for visual skills: we have oto find some objects among a mass of tools, animals, faces, weapons, etc. First it seems to be an easy game but as time goes by and you have checked all the mess 2 times with no success you would like to remove the app from your device.

The game has three modes: history, trainning and versus. The first one will allow us to progress along the different levels as we find the required objects increasing difficulty. On the second one we will need to find the maximum number of objects in a limited time (my record is 185), and the versus mode let us challenge a friend from Game Center, it’s very amusing!
Find Something is also a classic free to play as we can spend some money in order to buy some times or helps such as a broom to clean the scene, an eagle eye to discover the object you can’t find. In short, this is a very addictive game that will train your visual skills and will fill your empty moments.